Students Links

XtraMath provides practice in basic Math Facts from addition to division. 

Think Central is the online tools for the K-8th Grade Science curriculum/textbook. 

The testing site of the state assessment tests. 

Make Flash Cards on any subject and use them to study for class. 

Find great templates to use for your Google Slides presentations. 

This site is used in Career and Technology classrooms. 

Create quiz sets to help you study for tests or use sets from around the world. Study on your phone or your Chromebook. 

This is the website for the Mentoring Minds Online textbook materials. is used by grades Pre-K through 8th to learn Technology skills and TEKS. 

Practice keyboarding skills with this useful site. 

Check your Google e-mail at this link. 

Go Math is the online curriculum/textbook for the K-8th grade curriculum. 

This is the site for taking online Eduphoria tests. 

Teachers use Edmodo to communicate with students and present assignments that can be completed on-line. 

Discovery Education contains lessons and videos from the Discovery Channel and other resources. Talk with your teacher about obtaining a student login. 

Connect Ed is used to access textbooks from McGraw Hill. 

Job Ready Career Skills teaches you the skills needed to work in the modern work place. 

Career Explorations allows students to examine various careers and make decisions about their future career. 

Brainpop uses interactive videos and quizzes to teach on a variety of topics. Ask your teacher for a student login. 

This site is used in the BIM 2 Classroom. 

This website is used in the BIM Classroom. 

Complete your Athletic Forms for Lion Country sports on-line. 

ABC Mouse contains lessons for younger students that teach computer skills and early learning activities. 

Students can use this portal to check their grades.