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I've Been Accepted

College Acceptances - Class of 2020

ISNELLA AGUILAR – Houston Community College: Music Therapy
                    Lone Star College: Music Therapy

BRITTANY AINSWORTH – Blinn College: Business Management 
                                                    Lone Star College: Business Management

ISAI ALVARADO – Lone Star College: Computer Programming

MARK ANDREWS – Full Sail University:  Computer Science 

DUKE ATWELL – Blinn College: Communications/Marketing

AUBREY BARNES – Tarleton State University: Horticulture
                                         East Texas Baptist University: Business

JOCELYN BARNES – University of Houston: Music Education
                                                         Stephen F. Austin State University: Music Education

GRACELYNN BELMONT  – Blinn College:  Kinesiology

MATISON BENNER – Angelina College: Visual Arts

ELIZABETH BERNARD – Blinn College:  Theater Arts

HAILEY BERRONES – The American Academy of Dramatic Arts:  Theater Arts

LOGAN BLACKBURN – University of Texas at Austin:  Chemical Engineering

TAYLOR BLANCET – Tyler Junior College: Nursing

DALE BOLTON – The American Academy of Dramatic Arts:  Occupational Studies of Acting

ALLIE BOTELLO – University of Mary Hardin-Baylor:  Criminal Justice
                             Texas A & M University: Business Management

MEREK BRISTER – Texas Tech University: Electrical Engineering

ELIZABETH BROWN – Lone Star College:  Education/Mathematics 

CHARLES TRISTAN BRUCE – Collin College: Real Estate
                                                   Blinn College: Real Estate

                SHANIA BRYANT – Lone Star College:  Business Operations

                      JAREN CALDWELL – Tyler Junior College: Kinesiology                  

ALEXANDRA CAZARES – Lone Star College:  Dental Hygiene

HANNAH CHAMBERS - Lamar University: Biology
                                                   Texas A & M University: Biology

TAYLOR CHAPMAN – Blinn College: Nursing
                                              Lone Star College: Nursing
                                                     Texas State University: Nursing

MAISIE CHERRY – Texas A&M University:  Communications

JADYN COLLIER – Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute:  Cosmetology

HOPE COLLINS – Tyler Junior College: Education

RACHEL COLLINS – Lone Star College: Nursing

EMANUEL CUERVO – Universal Technical Institute: Automotive Technology

KAYLIN DAVALOS – Blinn College: Elementary Education
                                       Del Mar College: Elementary Education
                                             Tyler Junior College: Elementary Education
                                            Lone Star College: Elementary Education
                                         Navarro College: Elementary Education
                                                Jacksonville College: Elementary Education

LUKE DAVIS – United States Marine Corps

SEMAJ DAVIS – Tyler Junior College: Pre-Med

CHRISTIAN DAWSEY – Full Sail University: Game Development

CORY DEBLASIO – Texas Tech Univeristy:  Biology/Pre-Med

BRITTNEY DENTON – Blinn College: Nursing
                                                Lone Star College: Nursing

CORYN DIRDEN – Sam Houston State Universtiy: Business Administration

KELSI ELLIS – Blinn College: Nursing

COLBY EVANS – Blinn College: Business

ABIGAIL FENTON – Stephen F. Austin State University:  Music Education
                             ​Southern Arkansas University:  Music Education
                    University of North Texas:  Music Education

ERRIN FICKLIN – Blinn College: Culinary Arts Certificate
                       Tyler Junior College: Culinary Arts

LEONARDO GALVAN – Tulsa Welding School:  Welding Specialist

AUTUMN GANN - Tyler Junior College:  Nursing
Angelina College:  Nursing

SEBASTIAN GARCIA – Angelina College:  Culinary

YASMIN GARCIA - Lone Star College:  Dental Hygiene

JALYNCIA GARDNER – Tyler Junior College:  Business Management

BRANDON GERRARD – Angelina College:  Computer Science

BAYLEIGH GESFORD – Lone Star College:  Education
                                  Blinn College:  Education

KATELYN GIBBS – Blinn College:  Ultrasound Technician
Lone Star College:  Ultrasound Technician

CHASE GILBERT – Lone Star College:  Electrical Engineering
Blinn College:  Electrical Engineering

VIVIANA GONZALEZ – Lone Star College:  Nursing
                                                                  El Centro College in Dallas County: Nursing
                                            Tyler Junior College:  Nursing
                                                          ​El Paso Community College:  Nursing

ALLYSON GRIMM – Tyler Junior College:  Elementary Education-Math
Sam Houston State University:  Elementary Education

GABRIELA GROVENOR – Blinn College:  Social Work
                                                       Tyler Junior College:  Social Work

CAROLINE HARRISON – The University of Texas at Austin:  Architecture
Texas Tech University:  Architecture
The University of Colorado-Boulder:  Architecture

JONATHAN HAMPTON – Texas A&M University: Nursing
Texas Luthern University:  Nursing
Sam Houston State University:  Nursing

KORBYN HARSHBARGER – Tyler Junior College – Business/Science
Blinn College – Business/Science

TAYOR HARTSELL – Blinn College:  Pharmacy/Nursing/Medicine
Tyler Junior College: Pharmacy/Nursing/Medicine 

ZAMIYA HENDERSON – Lone Star College:  Education or Law
                                            Tyler Junior College:  Education or Law

MARIA HERRERA – Lone Star College:  Nursing

RAFAEL HERNANDEZ – Lone Star College:  Music Major

JACOB HINSON – United States Marine Corps

KATELYN HOYT – Academy of Hair & Design:  Cosmetology

JULIE JOHNSON – Blinn College:  Business

KRISTA JONES – Tyler Junior College:  Education
                    Blinn College:  Education
Williams Baptist University:  Education

KAMREN LAMB – Indiana University of Pennsylvania:  Music Education

JACOB LEGGETT – Blinn College:  X-Ray Technician/Nursing

JOE LEWIS – Blinn College:  Kinesiology
Tyler Junior College:  Kinesiology

TYLER LINDLEY – Lamar Institute of Technology:  Lineman
                            Lone Star College:  Law Enforcement
                    Blinn College:  Law Enforcement

BRAYDEN LOFTIN – Sam Houston State University:  Animal Science
                       Texas Tech University:  Animal Science
         Blinn College:  Animal Science

BRIANA LOFTIN – Tyler Junior College: Pharmacy Technician

AUTUMN LOMAN – Stephen F Austin State University:  Medical Humanities or Nursing

BROOK LOMAN- Stephen F Austin State University:  Nursing

RHONYA LONG – Navarro College:  Psychology

YASMINE LOZANO – Blinn College:  Business
Sam Houston State University:  Business

CANDI MANN - Tyler Junior College:  Forensic Science 

AVERY MCCOY – Angelina College:  Vet Technician
Lone Star College:  Vet Technician

ZACHARY MCDANIEL – Sam Houston State University:  Nursing

KAITLYNN MCWHORTER –  University of Tennessee – Chattanooga:  Clinical Psychology

MALLORY MCWHORTER – University of Texas:  Kinesiology/Physical Therapy

HALEY MITCHELL- Blinn College:  Nursing
                                          Lone Star College:  Nursing
                                        Angelina College:  Nursing

CANDICE MOORE – University of Mary-Hardin Baylor: Sociology
                           Abilene Christian University: Sociology

JEREMIAH MOORE – Lone Star College:  Animation or Architecture

GLYNNA MORIARITY – Angelina College:  Psychology/Clinical Mental Health

CAMERON MORRIS – Texas Tech University:  Education/Kinesiology

AZUCENA (Suzie) MOSQUEDA – University of Texas at Austin:  Business

NICOLE MULKA - Lone Star College:  Pre-Med

JULIE MUNSCH – California State Universtiy Maritime Academy:  Marine Transportation/Ship Captain

ALEXIS MURPHY - Texas State University:  Health Science 

VILAY MYERS – Tyler Junior College:  Kinesiology

ERICKA NDITA – Texas Tech University:  Pre-Med or Nursing
                            The University of Texas at Austin:  Nursing

MAGGIE OGLETREE – Ole Miss:  Nursing
                                                                             University of Mary Hardin-Baylor:  Nursing
                                                     Baylor University:  Nursing

DANIELLE OLDHAM – Texas State University:  Family and Consumer Science Education and Social Work

GIOVANNI OLIVARES – Sam Houston State University:  Criminal Justice
                              Texas State University:  Criminal Justice

MIRETSI OLIVARES – Blinn College:  Nursing
                                              Lone Star College:  Nursing

JOSHUA PARKER – United States Marine Corps

HUNTER PASKE – Blinn College:  Business

DIANA PASTOR – Lone Star College:  Business

MELANIE PATRANELLA – Texas A&M University: Interdisciplinary Studies

CHESNEY PAYNE – Tyler Junior College:  Nursing

JACK PEDIGO – Arizona State University:  Journalism-Mass Communications
Georgetown University:  Political Science

MONTANA PIPER – Blinn College:  Biology

AUSTYN PRUETT – Texas Tech University:  Psychology

DEBRIAN RAINS – Tyler Junior College:  Biological Engineering

MADISON RICHARDSON – Blinn College:  Nursing

CAMRYN ROBISON – Angelina College:  Nursing
                                                                Stephen F. Austin State University:  Nursing

AMY RODRIGUEZ –  Lamar University:  Fashion Retailing Merchandising

TAYLOR ROSS –  Baylor University:  Public Health
                                                 Stephen F. Austin State University:  Nursing
                                    Texas A&M University: Public Health

KAITLYNN SANDEL – Texas State University: Pre-Med

REGAN SCHUPSKA – Blinn College:  Criminal Justice

GERARDO SERNA – Lone Star College: Dental Assistant

JAMES SEVERANCE – Texas A&M University:  Cell & Molecular Biology

DEVAN SHANNON – Texas Tech University:  Electrical Engineering

JASON SHULTS – Blinn College:  Fire Science
                                              Lone Star College: EMT                    

TATUM SMITH – Sam Houston State University:  Pre-Med
                 Texas A&M University:  Nursing

ALISON STEMBRIDGE – Lone Star College: Nursing

RYLIE STEPHENSON – Angelina College:  Visual Arts

EDWARD STOVALL – Full Sail University: Computer Science

ELISSA SUSTAITA – Lone Star College:  Nursing

ABIGAIL TOLAR – Tyler Junior College:  Education

JUDITH TORRES – Lone Star College:  Nursing
                          Blinn College:  Nursing
                                    Tyler Junior College:  Nursing

JERNIE TRICOCHE’ – Lone Star College:  Criminal Justice
                                    Angelina College:  Criminal Justice

CHASITY VALDEREZ – Angelina College:  Nursing

PEYTON VALDEREZ – Lone Star College:  Occupational Therapy

CONSTANZA VAZQUEZ – Sam Houston State University:  Forensic Science

CARSON WALKER – Angelina College:  Nursing
                                        Tyler Junior College:  Nursing

CODY WALLACE – Lone Star College: Dental Hygiene 

ETHAN WHITE – Sam Houston State University:  Health Science

TRINITY WILKEY – Tyler Junior College:  Education