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To encourage young people to be better leaders.
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The Military Leadership Program emphasizes character 
education, student achievement, wellness, 
leadership, and diversity. It is a cooperative effort 
on the part of the military services and the school 
district to produce successful students and 
citizens,while fostering in each school a more 
constructive and disciplined learning environment.



Battalion Commander - C/LTC Garrido

Battalion Command Sergeant Major - C/CSM Kendrick

Battalion Executive Officer - C/Maj Severance

Battalion S-1 - C/Maj Stevens

Battalion S-2 - C/Cpt Cruse

Battalion S-3 - C/Maj Dunaway

Battalion S-4 - C/Maj Shultz

Battalion S-5 - C/Pvt Ficklin

Battalion Sergeant Major - C/SGM Solano

Battalion Medic - C/Maj Shultz